Ripples Tutorials

Who We Are

Ripples Tutorials welcomes you to an exciting e-learning experience made available at any location (with internet access) and at any time of the day. It provides a form of tuition that inspires, illuminates, empowers and enlightens the student. As demand for extra tuition outside the classroom increases, Ripples has emerged presenting an exciting, creative, effective and progressive form of tuition.
We simply ..
  • Teach
  • Engage
  • Encourage
  • Educate
At Ripples, education is visualises not as the filling of a vessel but as the kindling of a flame which reveals hidden potentials and abilities. Its aim is targeted at bringing out the best in the individual.

What Makes Us Unique

Flexibility and excellence are the two words that set us apart. Weekly tuition has been packaged and made available to students at any time of the day. Daily tuition is made accessible on the go either on Laptops/Tablet PCs or iPads as long as internet connection or Wi-Fi is available.
  • Are you constantly on the move, Sydney today, Istanbul tomorrow?
    Ripples will constantly be on your trail.
  • Do you need constant practice and revision?
    No problem! You can access your database of videos and PowerPoint presentations!
The goal of Ripples Tutorials is excellence. To achieve this, videos and PowerPoint presentations have been specifically created to tackle each topic, ability to access previous tutorials has been provided and an opportunity to assess ones knowledge has been integrated.

What We Offer

  • Video tuition that takes students out of the classroom.
  • Interactive PowerPoint tuition.
  • Assignments that help revisit what has been taught.
  • Periodic Test every five weeks of tuition which accumulates all that has been taught.
  • Parental updates on students’ progress.
  • 11Plus exam preparations are catered for.
  • First two years in secondary school are catered for.
  • Remaining three years leading to GCSEs are catered for.
  • Two to five days weekly tuition.
  • Free download of Ripples Tutorials question papers.
  • Completed assignments are available to help with revision.
  • Award for best student of the year based on Periodic Test.


Verbal Reasoning, English and
Non Verbal Reasoning
11Plus - Year 4 to 6
English and
Year 7 & 8
English, Biology
Physics and Chemistry
GCSE - Year 9 to 11
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